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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service New York NY
444 AM EDT Sun May 19 2024

...This is National Safe Boating Week...

The National Weather Service issues various types of marine
warnings, watches and alerts for mariners. It is vital to understand
and follow these alerts.

Marine Warning: Take Action! A warning is issued when dangerous
conditions are imminent or occurring. If you are in at sea, take
immediate action to protect yourself and your boat.

Marine Watch: Be Prepared: A watch is issued when conditions are
favorable for a specific hazardous weather event to occur. This is
the time to start preparing, not when a warning is issued.

To stay on top of all weather alerts, check weather.gov or your
favorite weather site frequently.

The National Weather Service also issues a Coastal Waters Forecast,
as well as an Offshore Waters Forecast. The NWS now provides wave
detail in the Coastal Waters Forecast for ocean zones, the Long
Island Sound and the lower NY Harbor. Wave detail includes wave
height, period and direction of individual wave systems. Occasional
wave height will also be included, which is the highest one tenth of
all waves. For more details go to weather.gov/marine/wavedetail.

Coastal and Great Lakes forecasts are subdivided by zone, each
identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC).
The text of these forecasts is online at NWS Marine Text Forecasts
and Products Listing, which also serves as an alternate source of
data. These forecasts are produced by local National Weather Service
Forecast Offices. This page is also available in a text version
which includes a synopsis for most of these areas. Similar web pages
for Offshore Marine Forecasts by Zone and High Seas Forecasts are
also available. These forecasts are also available via e-mail.

Offshore Weather Forecasts are produced for the following areas:

East Coast: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Tropical Atlantic
Gulf Coast: Gulf, Caribbean
West Coast: Alaska, California, Washington-Oregon
Pacific: Hawaii

Offshore Waters forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by
text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). These forecasts
are prepared by: the Ocean Prediction Center, National Hurricane
Center, Honolulu Forecast Office, Juneau Forecast Office, Anchorage
Forecast Office and Fairbanks Forecast Office.

This concludes today`s topic on watches, warnings and forecasts.
Tomorrow will focus on what to do before you go out on the water.


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