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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service New York NY
756 PM EDT Fri Sep 18 2020


NOAA`s National Weather Service (NWS) has relocated the NYC NOAA
Weather Radio KWO-35 transmitter and upgraded the broadcast
antennae. Individuals in the New York City metropolitan area and
surrounding waters, once again, can receive a continuous broadcast
of NWS watches, warnings, forecasts, and other hazard information
on their NOAA weather radio.

The Empire State Building, centrally located in midtown Manhattan,
is the new home of the KWO-35 transmitter and the broadcast
antennae. NWS New York, NY installed two antennae, providing a
stronger and better quality radio signal. The antennae, mounted on
the northwest and southeast corners of the 81st floor of the
building, deliver a power output of 1000 watts, generating a 40
mile radius listening area, covering 18.5 million people in the
metro NY, NJ, CT area.

KWO-35 operates on the radio frequency of 162.550 MHz. Listening
to this station requires a specialized VHF radio receiver or
scanner capable of receiving FM channels within the radio
frequency range of 162.400 through 162.550 megahertz, known as
weather band. A standard FM or AM receiver will not be adequate.

The NOAA Weather Radio network consists of 1,032 stations across
the country and broadcasts official National Weather Service
warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. During an emergency, forecasters
interrupt routine broadcasts to provide information about a
potentially hazardous situation.

NOAA weather radio with a backup power source is an excellent way
to receive instant access to weather information, however it is
important to have multiple sources to get weather warnings,
including weather.gov, your local TV and radio stations or through
one of the many available weather apps. KWO-35 can also be
streamed live on the web, courtesy of our cooperative weather
observer partner at Harrison Weather Center. You can also sign up
to receive emergency information, including hazardous weather,
from emergency managers for your local area. In New York, though
NY Alert and Notify NYC, in Connecticut through CT Alert, and in
New Jersey through NJ OEM.

NWS New York, NY is located in Upton, N.Y., and is the primary
source of weather data, forecasts, and warnings for about 19
million people in northeastern NJ (5 counties), southeastern New
York (11 counties), and southern Connecticut (4 counties). Our
mission is protection of lives and property and enhancement of the
national economy, through the most advanced weather and flood
warning and forecast system in the world. Working with public
safety partners and the larger weather enterprise, NOAA`s NWS is
building a Weather Ready Nation to support community resilience
in the face of an increasing vulnerability to extreme weather.


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